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easyMarkets offers its partners up to 25%

Started by admin, Apr 20, 2020, 08:26 am

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easyMarkets offers its partners up to 25% lead to active client conversion rate, multiple levels of engagement and earning programs to create a partner experience that is unparalleled in the industry. As a partner you can access an exceptional level of support, including marketing materials, a dedicated affiliate success manager and a recognized, well-established broker to work with and succeed.

What is a Partner Program?
In simple terms, a partner recommends new customers to our website to use our service and when they do, the partner receives compensation for the referral. Most affiliates create content related to financial markets, economic news or trading. But anyone can be an affiliate as long as they have a way to direct people that are interested to easyMarkets.

A great benefit of partner programs is that depending on the level of engagement you choose, it can create a channel of passive income, for things that the partner is already doing: blogging, vlogging or sharing on social media.

CPA Program

Get rewards for every referral that registers and trades a certain volume. This is a great type of plan for people that have outlets and channels related to the financial markets, economics or Forex.

Who Is Eligible to be an easyMarkets Partner?
Everyone is eligible within the EU, to maximize affiliate revenue most successful partners:

Maintain websites related to the financial markets, investing or cryptocurrencies
Social Media Influencers within the industry
Trading and financial educators and creators of related content

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Restricted Regions: easyMarkets Group of Companies does not provide services for residents of certain regions, such as the United States of America, Israel, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Angola, Libya, Republic of Congo (Brazzavile), Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Haiti, Quebec, Cambodia and Burundi.