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IQ option is an exciting online binary options broker.

Started by IQoption, Apr 16, 2020, 05:54 am

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IQ option Review.
IQ option is an exciting online binary options broker. Founded in 2013, the company have already surpassed competitors with their home-grown, proprietary platform and impressive partnership with Aston Martin Racing. IQ option have won several awards and achieved substantial positive press attention during the past three years. Few can compete with their low minimum deposit offer of just $10 for a live account, nor their continually improving customer service team and transparent regulation.
There are actually 2 legal entities for this company. IQ option Ltd is registered in Seychelles, and is not regulated. However, IQ option is licensed and regulated in Europe, and authorised by the EEA under IQ option Europe Ltd. The list of regulated countries include: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. IQ Options does not accept traders from Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Syria and Sudan. Currently, they do not accept traders from the USA. Further information regarding this can be found on their website.
This is a binary broker that has sought to harness all the possibilities of online trading, extending their potential to include social media outlets. Accounts with Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube and Facebook are constantly updated and demonstrate solid customer feedback. Their official blog is flushed with tips, interviews and fundamental news providing an interactive playground for their clients. In addition to this, IQ option provides infinite paper funds within their demo account to ensure their newest traders don't attempt to jump in headfirst without a safety net.
Trading Platform & Features.
It isn't often that you encounter a binary options broker that offers its own proprietary platform for trading. Yet it is this unique aspect that acts as a key selling point for the company and has been publically praised by major news/press organisations. The platform works through your browser. However, those using Apple computers can download the App to their desktop for an improved real-time experience.
The trading room layout is slick, with interchangeable features that can be selected from the panel on the left. From here you can see a leader board (listing top traders of the week by both profit and volume), a newsreel, your own trading history and any positions you currently have open. Video tutorials are easily accessible from this point too. Further customisation can be achieved by altering the colour scheme and chart type according to preference. An additional main menu option allows you to alter your grid layout of the charts, according to your level of experience and interest in the various markets.
IQ option offers over 100 assets including Turbo options - their version of short-term contracts. These provide an expiration time between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. All assets are listed with their profit percentage, which varies according to risk and positions can be opened with as little as $1. A newer feature to the platform is the buyback option and quick cancellation. Within 3 seconds of opening an option, cancellation is possible prior to the expiration time. If the price remained the same during this time, 100% of the investment is returned to you. Should those 3 seconds pass, you will have the opportunity to sell the purchased option for either partial investment or partial profit returns (depending on which direction the quote moves).
IQ option is available as a trading app, free for download on both Android and Apple devices. Users of the mobile apps can enjoy the same customisable benefits as those found on the online platform, with the added benefit of flexible, anytime trading opportunities. Buyback and cancellation features are available on all apps.
Note: Regional restrictions apply to app users. Clients from Malta cannot trade through either apps and clients from Myanmar, Lichtenstein and Cuba may not trade through the Android app.
Account Options & Payouts.
To open a live trading account with IQ option, you need only deposit $10. The broker does not operate a tiered account package system; all clients are offered full platform access, an account advisor and equal start-up opportunities. However, those choosing to deposit $3,000 or more will receive added benefits of IQ's VIP conditions.
Currently, VIP privileges include access to $100,000 tournaments, a dedicated personal account manager, increased profitability from a number of assets and further advanced training PDFs regarding technical analysis and strategies.
Whilst VIPs may receive additional educational material, beginners need not fret. A demo account is available to everyone with just a quick sign up. Once inside, the trading room you see is the same platform available to you when using a real account. Your fund count will read $1,000 but may be replenished whenever you run low. This is an excellent learning environment for new traders, giving you the chance to experience the charts, Turbo options and assets without the risk of losing real money.
Traders Assets Tip: Chart your technical solutions risk free. Use your demo account to trial any strategies you think may work, investing the exact amount in paper funds as you wish to when live for the most realistic outcome.
Banking Options.
Funding your account through IQ option is simple. A live account can be opened with just $10 using any major credit/debit card and a variety of e-wallets. You can fund in the account in either USD or EUR and run it thereafter in either GBP, EUR, USD, NZD, CAD, AUD or RUB.
As previously mentioned, IQ option offers an unusually low minimum deposit to open a live account. Just $10 (or alternative currency equivalent) will gain you access to the trader's room with a standard benefits package. E-wallets Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, Webmoney WME EU and WMZ EU may be used or alternatively, Visa / Mastercard cards are acceptable methods for deposit.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and the maximum $1,000,000. Once a request for withdrawal has been made, it takes up to 3 days to process. From here funds can be expected in your account within 1 day for e-wallets or between 7-9 days for bank accounts (dependent on individual bank regulations). VIPs can experience the benefit of 1-day request processing. Funds up to the total of the deposit made can only be withdrawn through the same method, but profits over this total may be sent to either your bank account or e-wallet of choice. There is currently no fee in place for withdrawal of funds.
IQ option demonstrates their awareness of customer security and transparency not only through their regulation by official authorities but also by participating in compensation funds. In the unlikely event that brokers may be unable to fulfil their financial obligations, IQ option is involved in both the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF, Cyprus) and the CRFIN Compensation fund, to safeguard their client's investments. Additional security measures are taken with the segregation of client finances from the company's bank accounts.
Education Resources & Support.
For their online chat support, the company boasts an impressive average response time of 46 seconds. However, our experience saw this time more than halved. In fact IQ option's customer service team was fantastic overall, answering our questions without hesitation, confidently pointing us in the right direction for all queries. At the end of the discussion, there is the option to save your dialogue to an email address for future reference. This service is available 24/7 along with the local support line listed at the bottom tab of the screen throughout trading times. Customer support can also be found through their Skype account. Furthermore, several languages are supported outside of English, including Russian, Turkish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Korean, French, Italian, Arabic and Indonesian.
VIP's can expect additional trading support through direct consultation with their personal account managers.
IQ option's educational facilities have been compiled into a series of 16 practical tutorial videos. Each lesson is no longer than 2 minutes, acting as an introductory guide to understanding binary options and how to use their platform, through to trading strategies and patterns. Further hands-on training is provided with access to a demo account, which acts and appears just as a live account would. Paper trading includes all standard assets and hyper options, with $1,000 of replenishable funds.
Why Trade at IQ option?
With IQ option's low $10 starting deposit and fair opportunities initiative, this broker knows how to appeal to the novice trader. In terms of transparency, IQ option makes their regulation license clear with regulation stamps all over their website. The company's proprietary platform is fast, well designed and all-encompassing, with customisable features that capture the attention of an online generation. In short, Millennials will love IQ option and they are certainly the demographic to aim for. Blogging social media accounts are updated regularly with informative and motivational quotes, and Instagram is a welcome, visually appealing addition.
Continuing with this theme of new traders, IQ option has stripped away layers of educational E-books, pdfs and disjointed infographics, replacing academy information with a series of short concise videos. Online support is super-fast and available 24/7 to fill in the gaps, answering any probing questions ASAP. Yet, veteran traders are catered for too. The VIP benefits seek to improve a seasoned investor's returns with improved profitability and account management.


Iqoption prices (current market cost) being "followed" by WHICH applications?
Hello,I am new on this forum and would get an question should youn't mind me asking. Lately I signed up on Iqoption broker and before started to trade, I noticed down some strategies from youtube videos. Mostly the ones that I liked the most with large profits. Creators/traders of videos that I used were recording screen while performing transactions so that which was visible on their screen. Strategies looked very trustworthy, making enormous profits as shown on videos so I opted to use them.Every trade I really do, I totally respect what I noted down. Consistently go into trade. So much my statistic is the following: quantity of trades 26loses: 25wins: 1So I lost nearly everything but fortunately I used smaller investments. There's still couple pennies on my accounts anyway so not yet a zero.I made a decision to stay away from robots and signals. Do not expect them in all.Got another idea which basically guarantees wins but getting its solution won't be easy. The CMP of particular trading symbol (strength) should be the same worldwide regardless what is being utilized but appears like iqoption is using wrong CMPs. Anyway, I am NOT asking for reason behind this but my idea is different: Looking for the software where would I assess M1 (one second) chart for particular CMP. Actually identical CMP*** being exhibited for IDENTICAL trading symbol right now in iqoption. Then from the program I am searching for I would check latest, I repeat again extremely important is that I assess LATEST, situation on this exact CMP*** and dependent on the candle I would see where will tendency go: down or up. The idea is based on condition that iqoption's CMP has some delay on CMPs occurring comparing to some graphs, available from the software I am requesting. Thought is really much futuristic with guaranteed wins but as absurd as it sounds (I know it), I cannot be determined by pure luck and bets anymore otherwise I shall keep losing. Iqoption CMP is at 888.7622. CMP on software I am requesting is at 888.750 as visible here (please check!) : 3. If I would like to immediately go into a commerce on iqoption, I simply check on chart (see above) what happened at 888.762. As you see it's red candle, downtrend so I go into PUT commerce on iqoption.I tried to do this investigation with MetaTrader 4 but it did not work. I guarantee that I assessed exact CMP on iqoption and assessed the ones but lost the trade because it went to direction. Not certain how is this Exchange market is the same and I for certain used the same trading symbol.Seems like MetaTrader is not couple of minutes "before" iqoption CMP. Which software should I use then?I am also in process of contacting college for computering science, they have sector for Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence however I am still in process of creating message for them. Machine Vision probably won't assist but Artificial Intelligence might.Would appreciate suggestion for software that is few moments before iqoption's action (CMPs). Kindest regards.
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